no more straining

I have been working as a professional singer for about fifteen years now, mainly in my role as a ‘Tom Jones Tribute Artist.’ Despite being a regular singer though, I have always been troubled by muscular discomfort and even pain in my throat area, due to strain, and hoarseness after concerts. I have also struggled to find a way to properly coordinate singing through the bridge and how to really develop my head voice as a useful part of my range in concerts. I am totally impressed by the improvements in my voice quality, range and stamina. I am able to sing key sections of songs which I’ve had to skirt around, with strength and full tone. Thank you again for everything you do to promote the positive in singing!
-Ian A. – Tom Jones Tribute Artist

sets you on the path

I have tried many programs and dealt with many teachers with minimal success. Robert’s method and techniques have taught much and has saved my music career. Robert does a very good job of making you feel comfortable and confident. Robert has shown me the light and open the door to that powerful voice I once thought was far far away. It really gets no better when it comes to a professional vocal coaching. TVS sets you on the path to be a true vocal athlete.
-Terry W.

comprehenive and practical

What I got was an all-in course with practical guidance for vocalists, based on what really happens in the vocal tract instead of using metaphors and old myths about singing. As someone with background in phonetics, I really appreciate the amount of legit info put into it and I can thoroughly recommend the program!

suddenly everything started making sense

I am infinitely grateful for the time and techniques you have shared with me. I credit Robert with changing my entire approach to singing, and giving me the vocal strength I needed to launch my business. After 20+ years of singing, you literally turned everything I thought I knew about singing on it’s head, and suddenly everything started making sense. I cannot thank you enough!
-Chris E.

clear and thorough

Robert, you have worked bloody hard on this program and I certainly am jealous that you have formulated your know how and the clarity of it into an amazing format. I look forward to garnering, gathering and learning from your hard earned experience of singing. I witness with your program so far – its thoroughness, clarity, and uplifting way you impart your knowledge…Great Stuff!!
-Anthony W. – Dr. Voice

improved my vocal performance

My voice has been awesome! I use the program all the time to warm up and I definitely feel like it has helped my vocal performance and ability across different genres.
-Yolanda J.

right on the money

I too am a vocal coach and have been for approximately 15 years…a performer as well but I digress. In any event, I am always trying to find ways to constantly be growing as a vocalist and teacher. To be honest, I have studied speech level singing, singing success as well as with Jaime Vendera. None of them truly resonated with me for various reasons. In any event, I really dig your program a ton and feel like you are right on the money with your techniques and methods.
-Wes J.

my mind is officially blown

I am going through my course work and have already learned more from you than Brett Manning, Ken Tamplin, Darcy D, and Jamie Vendera combined! My mind is officially blown!!
-Harold H.

astounding detail

The TVS Method is great and provides virtually everything you need to know about singing, and how to do it. The extent of detail into which the TVS methodology goes into explaining the purpose of exercises and how singing works is astounding. I can tell that Robert is truly passionate about teaching for the sake of knowledge and the success of his students, which really shows that he will do his best to ensure that you get the guidance and help you need to become a great singer. Thank you Robert, for opening my eyes not only about how to sing, but also what it means to be a singer.


I have to say I love what you’ve done with the program. The exercises themselves along with your explanation for why they are there and how they help build the singing voice really sets TVS pedagogy apart in my mind. No one else seems to nail that aspect of training the way you have.
-Alex B.

the real deal

The Four Pillars of Singing is no joke. It’s the real deal. If you’re aspiring to become a successful singer this is the place you need to be. I’ve been training for a few months and have already noticed mass improvements with my upper register and a lot more control.

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know what you're capable of

Draven is a knowledgeable pro that has opened up my voice in ways I didn’t know possible. If you want to know what you’re really capable of, attend this conference!
-Shyam N.

Things are finally starting to click

Some things are finally starting to click and make sense. I’ve been using the isolation with the highest part of “Easy” with success today. My wife can hear the difference! Thanks a heap for all your help. I feel really lucky to have both you and Robert guiding and supporting me on my vocal journey.
-Pete M.

expanded my singing range

Draven is an excellent vocal teacher! He helped me prepare for touring with my band, Spider Lilies, which involved strengthening my voice to handle consecutive nights of performing and talking to fans in loud rooms. He helped me expand my range, smooth out the rough bits, and learn how to belt better and more safely, to perform songs that are challenging to me. Draven has helped me become more acquainted with the various vocal muscles and parts of the voice, so I can identify my weak spots and work on them.
-Stacey C. of Spider Lillies

came a long way

Draven is a great teacher. I’ve taken lessons from him over this past month, and even though I was just a novice at singing, Draven’s helped me to come a long way. He’s easy to get along with, and he is very professional. If you’re looking for improvement I’d definitely recommend Draven.
-Michael W.

realize your true potential

Draven is the ultimate coach/teacher. Initially I was tentative about taking singing lessons. After my first lesson I was assured that I made the right choice in choosing Draven as my coach. He showed me techniques and exercises to strengthen my voice and increase my range. I moved forward with excitement and confidence. In a few short lessons my range dramatically increased and I was singing with much more power. I also understood how my voice actually functions as a musical instrument. If you are serious about developing your voice to realize your true potential then go with it. Follow Draven’s coaching techniques and practice daily. Like me. you will be glad you did!
-Doug W.

smooth out the weaknesses

Draven really takes the time to smooth out the weaknesses in your technique and hones in on them with efficiency.
-Doug W.

very informative

Very informative with a lot of description of what should be happening in my body/to my mouth when I sing.
-Julie B.


Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Provides personalized feedback and effective direction. Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their vocal technique and find their own sound.
-David D.

fixed my scream

Draven is an absolutely amazing coach! He has fixed my scream and opened up my singing range to a level I never could have imagined. If you are looking for a great vocal coach with outstanding knowledge of the craft and industry look no further.
-Tim G. of Owleye

ton of value

My experience was fun, professional, and I received a ton of value! Draven had me singing notes I didn’t even think were possible after just one lesson! He helped me clarify my range, conceptualize and visualize where I needed to be placing the sound and holding tension, and helped me feel confident that I CAN sing like I’ve always desired.
-Michelle B.

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